Adult industry

Are you interested in entering the Adult Industry or already engaged within the industry and seeking to expand your knowledge and services?

I have 10+ years working in various roles within the Adult Industry sector, combined with a background in Community Services and Health Promotion. I am a passionate peer, with an interest in preventative health, psychology, sensuality and promoting the rights of Adult Industry Workers.

As the creator of the 'Fantasy Slide', which after eight years of crafting, is becoming quite popular as i tour and introduce guests to a new form of play.. I am ready to share my secrets.

Free services are available in every state within Australia (easily found with a quick google search), though I am offering one-on-one comprehensive support (with the opportunity for practical components) which can cover:

  • Independent information (working for yourself) 

  • Finding a parlour that suits you and how to successfully work in that environment

  • Marketing strategies

  • Fantasy Slide Training 

  • Sensation Play Training

  • Disability Service Guidance 

  • Body-rub Training

Please forward a message outlining what training suits your needs and i will happily send a quote.

Privacy assured.


      lexi xo