'If your familar with Lexi's 'Fantasy Slide' service then you  are already prepared for something special..'




Sensation play is a sensual, guided journey that combines relaxation and intensity.. Allowing for exploration of the senses through deprivation and utilisiation of touch and various mediums.. Providing a platform for a heightened state of awareness and exploration of your individual erogenous zones.


The perfect starting point for Tantra and BDSM.


There are various options with sensation play, depending upon your previous experiences and your desire for adventure. New guests are encouraged to start with an initial session of the elemental 'Sensual Play', to ensure that they are gently eased into a medative state of bliss that enables those beautiful endorphins to multiply.


As you reflect, refreshed with enthusiasm and vigour, the bodywork continues to manifest.


This delightful journey is available in my playpen.. A welcoming a/c studio with the soft massage table awaits.


Allow yourself to surrender to the wonder and joy as you transcend!


Minimum session is set at 60min, though a 90min booking is recommended for the optimal experience.



60min 300

90min 400

120min 500



Safe space etiquette ensures boundaries are discussed and respected.

Privacy maintained.