Couples Retreat

Seeking an extra..Sexy yet thoughtful playmate.. or two?

Explore the fantasy of ffm/fffm/mmff play in a relaxed atmosphere of mutual pleasure.

The comfort of you both,is of uttermost importance.. With this in mind all couples are encouraged to start with a Fantasy Slide session. This enables us all the opportunity to build rapport, with seductive foreplay.. Allowing for the potential of a more intimate encounter in the future.

A light refreshment is nice way to relax into a session, before you both shower and we make our way into the playroom. 

We will start by having one partner on the massage bed, and one partner on the viewing pad.. As i pamper and please one, while flirting and teasing the other, simultaneously. For a few brief moments you will feel me and your partner pleasuring you.. Before it is swap time. There is the option to enjoy each other 'fully' prior to completion of the session, where i will play with my toy and watch the grand finale.

This is the perfect arrangement for couples whom are new to threeesomes or moresomes.. Or those who are restricted for time.

Minimum session is set at 45min, though a 90min session is recommended for the optimal couple's experience.

Couple's Fantasy Slide

45min 270

60min 320

90min 420

120min 520

For more information on what is involved in a Fantasy Slide and the optional extras.

Please contact me regarding particular scenarios or extras you may have in mind.


lexi xo