Are the photographs genuinely you?

Yes, all photographs are recent pictures of myself and they remain un-airbrushed.

I understand that there has been an increase in adult industry adverts using misleading images and suggest that if you are presented with this situation, that you politely excuse yourself before the transaction by saying something to the effect of, "I have booked the girl advertised, i will not be staying".. And politely see yourself out.

Do you enjoy your work?

I am grateful to have found an area where my passion and interests align. This platform has provided an opportunity to meet many beautiful people, share dreams, explore my sexuality/sensuality and create wonderful memories.

Is natural oral safe?

The following link outlines that STI's can be transferred via the throat. 


Preparing for a visit

Trim nails.

Brush teeth.

Please stay home if you have a cold/flu.

Be mindful about visiting with cuts/grazes.

If you are running late, let me know ASAP.

Wash your entire body (incl whole genitalia/intimate area).

Allow enough time for travel, showers and the session time.

I have an allergy

I am happy to provide services to accommodate to the needs of people with allergies, intolerance and sensitivities. Best to notify me while making your reservation, so i can be prepared.

Are extended bookings an option?

To ensure the comfort of us both, a maximum of 60min is set for intial meetings. Happy to organise extended booking once we are acquainted.

Can i touch you?

As i tease and please you, i will guide your hands over my body. I do enjoy light sensuous touch around intimate areas and always appreciate being asked about my boundaries.

Can i smoke/drink in a service?

My premise is a smoke, drug and alcohol free environment.

Will you consider visiting my area?

I love to travel and explore new areas, so please do let me know via text message that you are interesting in seeing me in your hometown.

May i request a face picture?

Much like my guests, i too am most comfortable maintaining privacy.

Do you see people living with a disability? 

I welcome people of all dis/abilities. Best to let me know in advance how i may assist in accommodating your needs.

How does your mailing list work?

I send a bulk message to people who have indicated that they would like to be notified of my visit to their area. I usually send this (Monday between 9am and 5pm) one day before i start my tour. This message offers those on my mailing list a 10% discount for pre-bookings (on advertised rates) for my current tour, that must be made within 24hrs of receiving the message.


To register for the mailing list, text '(insert your city) MAILING LIST' to 0435 924 120.


Unregister, by texting 'NO MAILING LIST PLEASE'.

Is there a cancellation policy?

I understand that sometimes people get sick and emergencies happen. Otherwise a minimum of two hours notice is required if you wish to make a cancellation and is paramount if you would like to make future bookings.